Adriaan Soetevent


Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Economics and Business
Economics, Econometrics and Finance

Economische gevolgen


  • Gedragseconomie
  • Marktwerking
  • Sociale interactie
  • veldexperimenten

Expert Statement

My research focuses on studying the decision-making of individual consumers, workers and firms in a market, work and/or social environment. Most of my work is empirical and emphasizes the identification of causal relations using experimental designs. The topics evolve around exchange and interaction. Questions include: How do workers respond to feedback? What motivates people to behave pro-socially and to contribute to the public good? How do peer effects and other social interactions affect behavior? When does market exchange and the price mechanism (not) do well in coordinating effort?  

Voorbeeld van relevante publicatie

Soetevent, A.R. and T. Bruzikas (2018). The Impact of Process Innovation on Prices: Evidence from Automated Fuel Retailing in The Netherlands, European Economic Review, 110, 181-196.



Nederlands, Engels