André Krom

Post doc in H2020 – Integrity project, focusing on education to empower students for Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

Universiteit Utrecht
Ethiek Instituut

Fundamentele waarden in tijden van een pandemie
Ethische en normatieve gevolgen


  • liberty-restrictions
  • moral justification
  • harm principle
  • preventing harm to others
  • normative ethical and political theory

Expert Statement

My specialisation is the moral justification of preventive measures in infectious disease control that limit the liberty of individuals. In my PhD thesis (2014) I focus on the harm principle as a possible justification of such measures. The harm principle roughly entails that it is justified to restrict the liberty of person A to prevent A from causing harm to others. This is the central argument underlying the Dutch Public Health Act. I have examined to what extent different normative ethical and political theories can support this principle, and common measures that are legally allowed. 

Voorbeeld van relevante publicatie

Krom, A. (2014). Not to be sneezed at. On the possibility of justifying infectious disease control by appealing to a mid-level harm principle. Dissertation, Utrecht University.



Nederlands, Engels