Anna Harris

Associate Professor of Social Studies of Medicine

Universitair Hoofddocent
Universiteit Maastricht
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Maastricht University Science Technology and Society Studies

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  • medical education
  • anthropology
  • ethnography
  • technologies in education
  • clinical skills

Expert Statement

Our research team investigates how doctors learn amidst technologies. By attending to the everyday material practices of training doctors (such as the use of models, blackboard drawing, making and watching videos, searching online images and peer-to-peer learning, other digital technologies) across place (Africa, and Central and Western Europe) and time, our work offers insights into how the way people learn connects with what they learn. Methodologically we use ethnographic fieldwork (observing students and teachers practices) and historical methods (e.g. archival work and oral histories). 

Voorbeeld van relevante publicatie

Harris, Anna and Jan-Joost Rethans (2018) Expressive instructions: ethnographic insights into the creativity and improvisation entailed in teaching physical skills to medical students. Perspectives on Medical Education, 7 (4), pp 226–227



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