Anne Roefs

Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience of Abnormal Eating

Universiteit Maastricht
Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience
Clinical Psychological Science

eHealth en technologie


  • obesity
  • eHealth
  • mental health
  • interventions
  • network science

Expert Statement

The research of our group focuses on obesity and eating disorders, aiming to understand causes and maintenance factors, and developing (eHealth) interventions. In addition, we’ve started a large study program ‘new science of mental disorders’, in which mental illness is defined as a system of dynamically interacting variables. This approach acknowledges the individual differences in symptoms and their interactions between people who share a diagnosis. The goal of this research program is to test the effectiveness of personalized treatment based on the individual network structure of patients. 

Voorbeeld van relevante publicatie

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Roefs, A., Boh, B., Spanakis, G., Nederkoorn, C., Lemmens, L., & Jansen (2019). Food craving in daily life: Comparison of overweight and normal-weight participants with ecological momentary assessment. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, 32, 765-774.

Boh, B., Jansen, A., Clijsters, I., Nederkoorn, C., Lemmens, L., Spanakis, G., & Roefs, A. (2016). Indulgent thinking? Ecological momentary assessment of overweight and healthy-weight participants’ cognitions and emotions. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 87, 196-206.

Spanakis, G., Weiss, G., Boh, B., Kerkhofs, V., & Roefs, A. (2016). Utilizing longitudinal data to build decision trees for profile building and predicting eating behavior. Procedia Computer Science, 100, 782-789.

Spanakis, G., Weiss, G., Boh, B., & Roefs, A. (2016). Network analysis of Ecological Momentary Assessment data for monitoring and understanding eating behavior. LNCS 9545, 43-54.



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