Arno R. Lodder

Internet Governance and Regulation

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Centre for Law and Internet

Juridische gevolgen
Privacy en grondrecht


  • privacy
  • data protection
  • e-commerce
  • online dispute resolution

Expert Statement

He focuses on topics related to law and internet, such as data protection, privacy, security, liability, contracting, freedom of speech, cybercrime; and phenomena related to algorithms, social media, cyberwar, internet of things, smart devices and apps. 

Voorbeeld van relevante publicatie

Lodder, Arno R. and Loui, Ronald (2018), Data Algorithms and Privacy in Surveillance: On Stages, Numbers and the Human Factor. Research Handbook of Law and Artificial Intelligence, W. Barfield & U. Pagallo (eds.), Edward ElgarForthcoming.



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