Beatrice van der Heijden

Strategisch Human Resource Management

Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Faculteit der Managementwetenschappen
Institute for Management Research

Ongelijkheid, flexibele en onzekere dienstverbanden


  • Sustainable Careers
  • Ageing at work
  • Employability
  • Expertise
  • Career Development

Expert Statement

My first research line comprises career-related concepts, such as expertise, employability and sustainable careers, taking into account the complexity and dynamics of current working life. Second, I investigate the predictive value of individual, job-related, and organizational determinants (e.g., HRM policies and activities) for the achievement of expertise, employability, successful ageing at work versus premature retirement, objective/subjective career success across occupational domains and (age) categories of workers. My current work focuses on sustainable careers across the life-span. 

Voorbeeld van relevante publicatie

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