Donald Blondin

PhD Candidate for the research project ‘Crisis Management Cooperation in Europe’

PhD Candidate and Lecturer
Universiteit Leiden
Faculty of Social Sciences
Political Science (International Relations & Crisis Management)

Democratische instellingen en processen
Internationale samenwerkingen (bijv. EU, WHO, UN)


  • International crisis management
  • Transboundary crises
  • Societal security
  • Global public goods
  • International cooperation

Expert Statement

My research focuses on international collective action in times of crisis, and specifically on why the EU Member States respond cooperatively or non-cooperatively to a wide variety of transboundary crises (disease outbreaks, financial crises, migration crises, food-chain scares, etc.). 

Voorbeeld van relevante publicatie

Blondin, D., & Boin, A. (2020). Cooperation in the face of transboundary crisis: A framework for analysis. Perspectives on Public Management and Governance, 2020, 1-13.