Dr. Tina Comes

UHD Resilience

Universitair Hoofddocent
Technische Universiteit Delft

Digitale samenleving en communicatie
Informatiestromen, misinformatie en geruchten


  • Decision-making
  • Information Sharing
  • Resilience
  • Behaviour
  • Agent-Based Models

Expert Statement

My work evolves around understanding how people share uncertain information and use it to make decisions during disasters. I am particularly interested in the long-term consequences of the rapid decisions that are now being made, and the implications for longer-term resilience and sustainability. In the H2020 project HERoS that is dedicated to Covid-2019, I lead the work on understanding the behavioural implications of the outbreak using ABM, including the implications of different policies and information. In addition, I am working on a project to improve the situation in refugee camps.  

Voorbeeld van relevante publicatie

Comes, T., Hiete, M., Wijngaards, N., & Schultmann, F. (2011). Decision maps: A framework for multi-criteria decision support under severe uncertainty. Decision Support Systems, 52(1), 108-118.

Comes, T. (2016, March). Cognitive biases in humanitarian sensemaking and decision-making lessons from field research. In 2016 IEEE International Multi-Disciplinary Conference on Cognitive Methods in Situation Awareness and Decision Support (CogSIMA) (pp. 56-62). IEEE.





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