Elena Syurina

Universitair docent Global Mental health

Universitair Docent
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Faculteit der Bètawetenschappen
Athena Instituut

Mentale gezondheid
Interventies voor mentale gezondheid en welzijn


  • Mental health and well-being
  • Realist evaluation of complex interventions
  • Cross-cultural health perspectives
  • Diagnostic and treatment decision-making and patient participation in health (special attention to diversity)
  • Stigma and discrimination

Expert Statement

Elena Syurina’s expertise lies within the field of transdiciplinary mental health and well-being. Her approach is not to view mental health isolation, but as a bio-psycho-social phenomenon that cannot be seen in isolation for the broader health context. She aims to further develop participatory and transdisciplinary approaches within mental health with special focus on diversity.  

Voorbeeld van relevante publicatie

Syurina, E. V., Bood, Z. M., Ryman, F. V., & Muftugil-Yalcin, S. (2018). Cultural phenomena believed to be associated with orthorexia nervosa–opinion study in Dutch Health Professionals. Frontiers in psychology, 9, 1419.

Ebuenyi, I. D., Syurina, E. V., Bunders, J. F. G., & Regeer, B. J. (2018). Barriers to and facilitators of employment for people with psychiatric disabilities in Africa: a scoping review. Global health action, 11(1), 1463658.

Kevin De Sabbata, Elena V. Syurina. Supported Decision-Making and Dementia (English extended version), German version in Martin Zinkler, Candelaria Mahlke, Rolf Marschner (Hg.) Selbstbestimmung und Solidarität Unterstützte Entscheidungsfindung in der psychiatrischen Praxis, Sept. 2019