Fabian Amtenbrink

Hoogleraar Recht van de Europese Unie / Professor for European Union Law

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Erasmus School of Law
International and European Union Law

Juridische gevolgen
Juridische grondslagen van noodmaatregelen (staats- en bestuursrecht)


  • EU law
  • EU institutions
  • Economic and Monetary Union
  • European Central Bank
  • Euro

Expert Statement

Fabian Amtenbrink has published/presented extensively on legal issues of European (economic) integration, including on the European response to the recent European debt crisis (Stability and Growth Pact, ECB monetary policy response, (EU) financial assistance, Eurobonds, democratic legitimacy of crisis measures). The constant flow of proposals to address the severe economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis and the call for a robust and lasting European engagement raise numerous questions linked to the scope and limits of EU law in accommodating specific crisis-response measures. 

Voorbeeld van relevante publicatie

Amtenbrink, F. (2019). The European Central Bank’s intricate independence versus accountability conundrum in the post-crisis governance framework. Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law, 26(1), 165–179. https://doi.org/10.1177/1023263X18822789

Amtenbrink, F., Repasi, R., & De Haan, J. (2016). Is there Life in the Old Dog Yet? Observations on the Political Economy and Constitutional Viability of Common Debt Issuing in the Euro Area, Review of Law & Economics, 12(3), 605-633. doi: https://doi.org/10.1515/rle-2016-0045

Amtenbrink, F. (2018). A Legal and Political Economy Mapping of European Economic and Monetary Union. in G. Kalflèche, T. Perroud et M. Ruffert (dir.), L’avenir de l’Union économique et monétaire : une perspective franco-allemande (LGDJ, Droit & économie) 111-131.

Amtenbrink, F. (2012). Europe in Times of Economic Crisis: Bringing Europe’s Citizens Closer to One Another?. in M. Dougan, N.N. Shuibhne and E. Spaventa (eds.), Empowerment and Disempowerment of the European Citizens, Oxford and Portland, Oregon, Hart Publishing 2012, 171-187.





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