Gabriele Jacobs

Organisational Behavior and Culture

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Erasmus University College

Democratische instellingen en processen
Legitimiteit en verantwoordelijkheid


  • public safety management
  • multi-stakeholder
  • diversity
  • first responders
  • migration

Expert Statement

I have expertise in public safety management and initiated and lead European and Dutch national research projects in the field of Safety and Security. – multi-stakeholder management (whom to include when and how) – role of professional identity in the perception and reaction towards crisis situations – overcoming professional barriers in the communication between first responders (e.g. Dutch safety regions, European policing) – cultural impact on safety and security perceptions and trust in institutions – migration and asylum seekers (specifically Lesbos) – smart cities and privacy  

Voorbeeld van relevante publicatie

G. Jacobs, Suojanen, I., Horton, K., & Bayerl, S. (eds.) (In press) International Security Management – New solutions to complexity. Springer. ISBN 978-3-030-42523-4
G. Jacobs (2018). Organisational Behaviour and Culture. Insights from and for public safety management. Rotterdam: Erasmus Research Institute of Management
M. van der Giessen, E.G. Brein & G. Jacobs (2017). Community Policing: The Relevance of Social Contexts. In P.S. Bayerl, R. Karlovic, B. Akhgar & G. Markarian (Eds.), Community Policing – A European Perspective (pp. 35-50). Cham, Switzerland: Springer



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