Geertjan Overbeek

Preventive Youth Care

Universiteit van Amsterdam
Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Research Institute of Child Development and Education

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  • preventive youth care
  • parenting
  • peer relations
  • parenting and peer interventions
  • mental health

Expert Statement

My expertise centers around the question of how parents and peers affect the development of children and adolescents. For more then 20 years, I have conducted research on parenting processes and peer interactions in and outside of school. My program group Preventive Youth Care takes an applied perspective to these themes, examining for instance the effectiveness of parenting and peer-based interventions that are used in The Netherlands, and worldwide. What can parents and peers do to prevent mental health and behavior problems in our youths? This is a question that I can help to answer.  

Voorbeeld van relevante publicatie

Weeland, J., Chhangur, R. R., van der Giessen, D., Matthys, W., Orobio de Castro, B., & Overbeek, G. (2017). Intervention effectiveness of The Incredible Years: New insights into sociodemographic and intervention-based moderators. Behavior Therapy, 48(1), 1-18.



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