John Parkinson

Professor of Social & Political Philosophy

Universiteit Maastricht
Maatschappij- en CultuurwetenschapenArts & Social Sciences
Filosofie / Philosophy

Fundamentele waarden in tijden van een pandemie
Ethische en normatieve gevolgen


  • experts
  • democracy
  • populism
  • communication
  • crisis

Expert Statement

I am a democracy theorist but one who works on the connections between norms and values, democratic procedures, culture and contexts. I consider how people’s narratives of everyday life help “ground” the claims that are made in politics: action, no matter how well analysed by now many experts, is rarely legitimate without a connection to the stories that people tell about their daily lives. This presents a challenge in times of technical, scientific crisis; and opens a gap that populists exploit.  

Voorbeeld van relevante publicatie

Parkinson J. (2006) Deliberating in the real world: problems of legitimacy in deliberative democracy, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Parkinson J and Mansbridge J. (2012) Deliberative systems: deliberative democracy at the large scale. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Bächtiger A and Parkinson J. (2019) Mapping and measuring deliberation: towards a new deliberative quality, Oxford: Oxford University Press.