Lauren B Wagner

Assistant Professor in Globalisation and Development

Universitair Docent
Universiteit Maastricht
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Globalisation, Transnationalism and Development

Internationale mobiliteit en migratie
Migrantengemeenschappen in tijden van crisis


  • mobility
  • Marokko
  • interaction
  • embodiment
  • categorization

Expert Statement

My research focuses on diasporic communities – specifically, Moroccan-origin families in Europe – and their mobilities between homelands. As a sociolinguist and human geographer, I particularly focus on the importance and intangible value of face-to-face interaction, and how being physically present as mobile, embodied actors has complex effects on individuals and communities. In addition, I have explored how ethnoracial categorisations related to migration and belonging become embedded in face-to-face encounters (see  

Voorbeeld van relevante publicatie

Wagner, L. B. (2008). Diasporic visitor, diasporic tourist: Post-migrant generation Moroccans on holiday at “home” in Morocco. Civilisations, 57(1–2), 191–205.