Linnet Taylor

International data governance

Universitair Hoofddocent
Tilburg University
Tilburg Law School
Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology & Society

Digitale samenleving en communicatie
Digitale tracking of geodata voor informatievoorziening- en tracking


  • big data
  • surveillance
  • democracy
  • development
  • privacy

Expert Statement

I am an interdisciplinary researcher working on international data governance. I have a background in International Development Studies. My research focuses on applied problems of data-driven policy and data governance in the public sphere worldwide. I lead an ERC research project on Global Data Justice – the development of a conceptual framework for the ethical and beneficial governance of data technologies. My research (see Taylor, Floridi and van der Sloot 2017) has contributed to the emergence of group privacy as a concern for law and social science. 

Voorbeeld van relevante publicatie

Taylor, L. (2017). What is data justice? The case for connecting digital rights and freedoms globally. Big Data & Society, 4(2), 2053951717736335.