Maja Brkan

Associate Professor in EU Law

Universitair Hoofddocent
Universiteit Maastricht
Faculty of Law
Department of International and European Law

Juridische gevolgen
Privacy en grondrecht


  • EU fundamental rights
  • data protection and privacy
  • disinformation
  • freedom of expression
  • technology & democracy

Expert Statement

Dr. Maja Brkan is Associate Professor of European Union Law at Maastricht University. She holds a position of Associate Director of the Maastricht Centre for European Law and of Associate Editor of the European Data Protection Law Review. Her current research focuses on the theoretical underpinnings of the EU fundamental rights, on the interplay between EU fundamental rights and new technologies as well as on questions of data protection and privacy. She further explores questions of disinformation and the impact of new technologies on the European democracy and freedom of expression. 

Voorbeeld van relevante publicatie

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2. Brkan M., ‘The Essence of the Fundamental Rights to Privacy and Data Protection: Finding the Way Through the Maze of the CJEU’s Constitutional Reasoning’ (2019) 20 German Law Journal 6 (Special Issue Interrogating the Essence of EU Fundamental Rights), 864-883, DOI:

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