Natascha van der Zwan

Assistant Professor of Public Policy

Universitair Docent
Universiteit Leiden
Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs
Institute of Public Administration

Economische gevolgen


  • Pensions
  • Welfare
  • Investments
  • Financial regulation
  • Sustainable finance

Expert Statement

My main area of expertise is the influence of financial markets on social provisions, such as pensions. I study the rules and regulations that shape the ways in which pension savings are invested. Another important focus is the role of employers, unions and members in pension investment policies. Finally, I am an expert in the politics and policies of sustainable finance, with a focus on large asset owners (e.g. pension funds). My research focuses on the Netherlands, other European countries and the United States.  

Voorbeeld van relevante publicatie

van der Zwan, N. (2017). Financialisation and the pension system: Lessons from the United States and the Netherlands. Journal of Modern European History, 15(4), 554-584.



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