Robert Zwijnenberg

Art and Science Exchange

Universiteit Leiden
Faculty of Humanities
Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society

Fundamentele waarden in tijden van een pandemie
Ontwikkeling van normen en waarden


  • Art
  • Ethics
  • Aesthetic
  • Risk
  • Life

Expert Statement

Why is art important in these times? An art work can open up a space that is not characterized by ‘a particular’ experience, but rather by a cloud of associations that surface in a disorderly manner, calling us to revisit not necessarily the subject-matter of the artwork, but ourselves. To engage with art, it is taking the risk of new experiences and knowledge – even if they are unwanted or disturbing. Works of art can thus encourage us to deal with the risks of life, the incoherence, fears, (un)wanted desires, the ambiguities and paradoxes that characterize our lives. 

Voorbeeld van relevante publicatie

Zwijnenberg, Robert. “Biotechnology, Human Dignity and the Importance of Art.” Teoria No. 1(2014):131-148.



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